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About Village Day

Little Chalfont Village Day has been held since 2003 and is an annual celebration of community organisations, businesses and talent from around the village.

A Fun Run is held in Westwood Park in the morning, with the ‘main event’ located in the village centre starting at noon and running until 4pm. Stalls selling crafts and food are set up throughout the village, and entertainment is provided on the village green by local groups and musicians.

Village Day is part of our local scene. Several competitions are organized for entrants to show their skills at baking, art and most recently, creating scarecrows. There is also the ever-popular dog show, with categories of loveliest coat, waggiest tail and cutest face, which is held on the village green during the afternoon.

Village Day is generously supported by a number of local sponsors and a new raffle has been introduced this year, replacing the programme that was produced in previous years. Prizes have been donated by businesses from around the village, and the sale of raffle tickets will be used to help fund the day. Village Day is not intended to make money, and if there is a surplus this is either ploughed back into the day, for example to provide new equipment or used to help fund other Community Association projects, including its grants programme.

Volunteers are key to organising and running Village Day. If you are interested in helping then please send an email to

Village Day

2017 Village Day was held in brilliant sunshine.  Once again, a very successful day.