Little Chalfont
Neighbourhood Watch
Emergency Services : 999  
(If a crime is in progress or you need immediate assistance for an emergency)

Main Number to Report Crime : 101  
(Use for all other than real Emergency Calls which don’t require immediate assistance)

Thames Valley Community Messaging :

Crimestoppers : 0800 555 111

Neighbourhood Watch In Little Chalfont
Little Chalfont is amongst one of the safest places to live in the country and we enjoy a relatively low rate of crime.  However any crime is too much and we must all work together to make Little Chalfont an even more secure and safe place to live work and play. This is helped by the wide coverage of Neighbourhood Watch across the village with some 45 Street Schemes in existence already and a number of others in the pipeline.
Neighbourhood Watch - what is it?

Neighbourhood Watch is all about caring for each other. Neighbours uniting and acting together means that dozens of eyes and ears are ready to pick up anything happening in the neighbourhood that could cause worry or concern, It's not about being nosey or interfering. It's about being a good neighbour and caring about your community.
Neighbourhood Watch has a direct influence on reducing crime and aiding crime detection.
It also helps to create a sense of community well-being that actually lessens the FEAR of crime and its consequences.
Neighbourhood Watch is for everyone.
Neighbourhood Watch is also about bringing people closer together and involving them in local life. A stronger community spirit grows as people get to know each other and look out for one another. Anyone can join a Neighbourhood Watch team and everyone can play a part in its achievements. And any community or neighbourhood - however large or small - can set up a scheme. A scheme can be made up of just a few houses in a street, or a few households, the residents in a square or a whole estate. Each scheme can be different - you don't even have to use the stickers in your windows. Schemes aim to meet the needs of the members and their neighbourhood. They are run by members and belong to the members - so the members make a real difference to improving the quality of life.
Neighbourhood Watch means working together. Neighbourhood Watch means no one is alone. Your neighbours will look out for you. Your family. Your home and your street or estate, and you will do the same for them. Neighbourhood Watch schemes also help the community to keep a check on people in the neighbourhood who are more vulnerable. Children and young people, the elderly and the frail, and people who have had their home broken into before can all benefit from having an extra eye kept on them. As well as receiving support from scheme members, people belonging to Neighbourhood Watch can make contact with other local watch groups. And the police, local councils and other community and voluntary organisations all support Neighbourhood Watch.